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Surfset NL believes in supporting the development of various local businesses.

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Project Management

Highly experienced and qualified surfset employees can manage your complete Internet projects end-to-end. 

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Application Service provider - the application service provider

ASP … application service provider… these terms appear frequently in newspapers and magazines. These are the latest buzzwords in the ever changing IT landscape. Yet very few know what this term means or how ASP technology gives small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) a competitive edge.

  What is an ASP?

In simple terms ASPs 'rent' software to SMEs. In the new economy competition comes from ways known and unknown. It is not restricted geographically; your competitor can spring up from any corner of the globe, thanks to the Internet and the global e-commerce revolution. IT infrastructure involves significant upfront investments and a small-to-medium enterprise cannot afford such whopping investments. But SMEs cannot do without IT.

  Enter: ASP

ASPs offer business applications on a pay and use basis to SMEs. Front office as well as back-office applications can be outsourced by the SMEs. The type of applications you can 'Rent-out' ranges from MS-Word to a complex ERP application.


  Comparisons with traditional software


Investment on Server Hardware   No investment of Server side Hardware required   High Investment on Server Hardware
Investment on Upgrade Software   No investment of Back end Software   High Investment on Upgrade Software
Initial packages startup Time   No need for purchase of Package   Purchase of Packages
Application Maintenance   No Maintenance Expenses for the clients   High Maintenance Expenses
Change in software technologies   Shall be taken care by the service provider   Expenses for Upgrading incurred by the client
Human Resources   All maintenance done by service provider   Extra IT specialists required
Backup System   Full Proof Backup System with the providers   More Backup Systems required
Under utilization of the Applications   Cost based on usage   Fully committed, pays for full package
Trail Application   Best suited at lesser cost   Commitment / Higher cost
Security   Current technology which is continuously upgraded   Latest technology initialy but no improvement as technology changes
Application accessibility   Usage from anywhere (office, Home, Beach!)   Restricted to certain places
Cost predictability   Pay as per the Usage (monthly)   High Cost (lump sum)