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Supporting local business

Surfset NL believes in supporting the development of various local businesses.

Check out 'Kinderkruukje', a producer of hand-made wooden furniture, for example these childrens stools are ideal christening gifts... 

                         visit website>>

Project Management

Highly experienced and qualified surfset employees can manage your complete Internet projects end-to-end. 

 Find out more how we can take all the stress away from your projects.

'most web design agencies 
believe strongly in interactivity'







Good design means uncluttered layout, not having to scroll through reams of plain text and having image rather than text based links. Good design is about helping users find information and making the sales process as easy and pleasing as possible.

Most web design agencies believe strongly in interactivity. This is the key to user retention. An interactive and customisable site will give users the ability to make the site what they want, so information and services are always at their fingertips.

Interactivity can be achieved through back-end databases or the use of Flash or Java to create dynamic content or interactive feature that keep users coming 


...but it all adds cost and complexity to your website.  This is where the DIY part separates from a professionally created website.