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Supporting local business

Surfset NL believes in supporting the development of various local businesses.

Check out 'Kinderkruukje', a producer of hand-made wooden furniture, for example these childrens stools are ideal christening gifts... 

                         visit website>>

Project Management

Highly experienced and qualified surfset employees can manage your complete Internet projects end-to-end. 

 Find out more how we can take all the stress away from your projects.

'check your site links reguarly'

The greatest problem in web design is getting the site to run quickly while still looking pleasing to the eye. Good images take up space, and with limited bandwidth, image quality and size are often compromised to ensure fast loading.

Always keep the site up to date. When you design the site think about who will update it, how often and how much it will cost. If your site is complex, carry out a daily audit to ensure everything is working as it should. Poor maintenance is unprofessional and results in lost sales.