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Supporting local business

Surfset NL believes in supporting the development of various local businesses.

Check out 'Kinderkruukje', a producer of hand-made wooden furniture, for example these childrens stools are ideal christening gifts... 

                         visit website>>

Project Management

Highly experienced and qualified surfset employees can manage your complete Internet projects end-to-end. 

 Find out more how we can take all the stress away from your projects.


DIY Website creation tips


Use these practical tips to build a more professional and user-freiendly website which fully represents your companies image.



  • planning - the most important stage
  • Simplicity - don't scare off your audience
  • Navigation - keep it intuitive
  • Content - be direct
  • Design - find the correct image for your company
  • Use - keep it simple
  • Backend - a database adds usefulness, and expense
  • Performance - a balance between speed and features is important
  • Help! - users may not be as clever as designers
  • Compatibility - do you need all those gadgets?